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    Are you looking for a better solution to your grain, fertiliser and dry goods storage?
    Look no further!

    Poly Silos can provide optimum storage solutions with their proven, safe, and easy-to-use poly products. With their incredible durability and innovative capabilities, Poly Silos are a flexible and long-lasting storage option. The Poly Silo product range, which includes the Stakka Silo, Multi- feeder Silo, and the Multi Silo, are used in a diverse range of applications around Australia for storing primary products and transportation.

    The Stakka Silo is ideal as an intermediate bulk container (IBC) for fertiliser storage, perfect for stock feed and grain holding, and an optimal solution for bulk storage of wet liquids and dry goods. Couple your silo with a Grainline Auger and it can be easily used by any farmer as a field feeder or field bin on the property. Poly Silos are also commonly used as containers for chemicals, material handling bins for food, and for a variety of specialty products. Poly Silos can be configured for Liquid Storage for liquids up to a specific gravity of 1.6 making them suitable for storage of Liquid Supplements and Liquid Fertiliser.

    Poly Silos are utilised by industry leaders in agricultural and farming sectors and in industrial manufacturing plants as the perfect storage option; now it is time for you to discover the Poly advantage for yourself. Feel secure knowing that your investments are well-protected with the long-lasting Poly Silo storage solution.

    All products brought to you by Poly Silos have a 20-year plus life span, are made from UV stabilised virgin food-grade polyethylene meeting standard AS 2007:1999 plastic materials suitable for food contact use. Poly Silos produce minimal sweating and are fully weather sealed. All the storage silos are made with a galvanised steel frame fitted and are fitted with stainless- steel outlets and a remote opening lid. Poly Silos are easy to clean, do not rust and are ideal for all types of product whether wet or dry.

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