Water Treatment Tanks

Enmach poly water treatment tanks can be customised to suit any water clarification and settlement applications. The demand for a reliable, efficient, cost-effective water treatment system has never been greater. The Enmach liquid storage heavy duty silo range is the perfect solution. The Enmach water treatment tank relies on gravity settlement which is one of the most frequently used processes in water treatment.

The hi-flow 45 degree cone bottom clarification tanks makes the water settlement and treatment a much more efficient process. The impervious polyethylene silo bin means the silo will never rust out. The polished and smooth walls of the water settlement silo fast-tracks the settlement process. The slurry, sludge or biosoilds exit the silo through a outlet at the base of the cone of the tank.

Enmach water treatment silos are uniquely designed to minimize plugging and facilitate cleaning and purging of collected solids. Enmach poly water treatment silos are simple to use and a very reliable system. No longer need for those problematic, time costly water settlement systems.

With their 35kl one piece moulded polyethylene cone bottomed silo tank, Enmach has designed a solution for problematic water clarification situations. The 3500mm dia tank is moulded from 20mm thick UV stabilised polyethylene, a product that is impervious to most substances and has a 45 degree cone at the base that is total draining. Enmach has a design and fabrication team that has been involved in numerous projects and can help develop, design, fabricate and poly weld into the silo pipework and fittings as per the customer’s requirements. Enmach also operates their own delivery trucks and can install the tank onsite if required. Enmach water clarification silos, smarter than your average tank.


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