Our Poly cone-based poly silos at Enmach are suitable for processing, clarifying, and settling out solids in wastewater treatment systems.

So what does water treatment and clarification really mean?

Enviroconcept tells us that water clarification involves removing solids and other suspended particles from water to make it clear. Pretty simple, eh? But sometimes finding the right equipment set up for your water clarification plant is the difficulty, and that’s why we are here. With our Poly Liquid Silo range coming in three main sizes 4000 litres, 7000 litres, 16000 litres and 35000 litres you can customise this silo to suit exactly how you need.

Liquid Silo

We have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of water treatment tanks and silos. Our water settlement silos have a 45 degree cone for high flow. The cone bottom design as opposed to a flat bottom water clarification tank gives you the advantage of the ease of unloading any sludge and waste products settled out in during processing. Naturally by gravity the sediments will settle on the bottom of the tank, the conical bottom offers you easy removal of waste through the base outlet. They also give you the advantage of being able to pump the water straight out of the top of the silo.

We have worked with Gradiant Australia (CRS Water) in designing water clarification silos for the Westconnex Tunnel project. We delivered six of the 35kl cone bottom water clarification poly silos into the WestConnex tunnel project in Sydney N.S.W. Gradiant Australia (CRS Water) is experienced in delivering flexible water and wastewater treatment solutions that range from modular package treatment plants through to civil infrastructure projects.

Westconnex Tunnel project

Enmach Clarifier Tank Systems Include:

  • Complete drainage – cone-based design allows ease of drainage
  • Polyethylene construction means the tank is durable and chemical and UV resistant
  • Available with all required inlets, outlets
  • Custom modifications to suit your requirements.

Enmach cone bottomed water treatment tanks are fully customisable allowing many possibilities within the mining and civil construction industry. We also have a design and fabrication team that has been involved in numerous projects and can help develop, design, fabricate and poly weld into the silo pipework and fittings suiting all your requirements.


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