There are many benefits of the Enmach poly silo range for cattle and sheep feeding. Enmach feeders are uniquely designed to meet the demands of farmers needs for controlled small and large scale farming. The cylindrical design of the Enmach poly silos means every grain of feed is moving through the feeder and nothing is being left to degrade. The cylindrical design also means you can feed more head at once as compared to the cheaper rectangular options. The Enmach poly silos give you peace of mind by removing the threat of degeneration through rusting. The poly feeders are a smart, inventive storage and feeding solution suitable for our harsh Australian environment. As opposed to the steel feeder, sweating is greatly reduced or removed in the poly feeder as the insulation properties of polyethylene keeps your feed cooler resulting in reduced incidence of sweating.


Features of the Enmach Sheep and Cattle Feeders:

  • Strong construction

  • Adjustable slide gate on feed outlet

  • Galvanised steel frame

  • Accessible height for sheep and cattle to feed

  • Suitable for grain, feed or mineral supplements

  • Stainless steel knife gate

  • Can be configured for molasses

  • Round feeder design fits more animals thank rectangle

  • Covered by a 10 year warranty – UNBEATABLE

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