Company Profile

Enmach is a renowned leader in the design and manufacture of quality engineered poly moulded and steel fabricated products. Enmach offers poly products with extraordinary durability. The harsh Australian climate can have a devastating impact on the equipment we utilise in our outdoor occupations and lifestyles.



Enmach has reinvented and redesigned products made from traditional materials and manufactures them from materials such as polyethylene and stainless-steel to extend lifespan and durability. The company has been in operation for 30+ years and offers a range of silos in capacities from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes or 1.75m³ to 60m³. The silos are suitable for bulk storage of a variety of products and can be used in any industry from mining to farming, water clarification to breweries, fertiliser to coffee bean storage. The range starts with the industry leading Stakka Bin. The innovative Stakka Bins are the biggest in their class at 1.75m³ which will store around 1.3 ton of wheat and fertiliser. Enmachs’ range of products also includes a huge range of Poly Rain Water storage tanksagricultural and stock handling troughs and accessories,  irrigation and water reticulation fittings and Poly Lawn Trailers. The professional team at Enmach are focused on exceeding our customer’s value expectations, while maintaining a work environment that fosters continuous improvement, creativity, accountability, respect and safety for all employees. 

When Enmach was established as a family-owned, proudly Australian business located in Bundaberg, its success was nourished by the team’s attention on personalised service. Over 30 years later Enmach now unites innovation and unrivalled durability with a highly equipped in-house research and development department and an original focus on service. From the urban city dweller, acreage land owner to civil contractors and government departments – Enmach delivers the poly advantage through hundreds of dedicated outlets across Australia.

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Our Mission

At Enmach we strive to manufacture and supply a range of products for the Recreational and Agricultural markets that will exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. We endeavour to improve the quality of life of our customers and employees and to help each one achieve personal success.

Our Values

As a company we value respect, honesty, trust, transparency and fairness which we display and look for in employees, customers and suppliers involved with our business. We are responsible to our customers, to our valued employees and their families, and to the environment and society we inhabit, to provide quality, stability, safety and security to each and everyone’s daily pathways.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be market leaders in the Recreational and Agricultural markets through the cultivation of long term relationships with our customers and suppliers, which lead to a continual cycle of growth and commitment and result in an atmosphere of ongoing improvement.


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