Fertiliser Silos

Fertiliser Silos

Enmach Poly Fertiliser silos are suited for the storage of super phosphate, MAP, DAP, urea, starter blends and other fertilisers. Because of their polyethylene structure they will never corrode or rust out from the highly corrosive fertilisers. Poly fertiliser silos are a flexible and long-lasting storage option.

Fertiliser Silos

Why Choose Enmach…


"I recently purchased one of the poly silos and use it for fertiliser storage, I fully recommend Enmach they have Australia's Best Silos."

Bruce Kemp


"We found Enmach excellent to deal with. Service was prompt and efficient with good follow up especially as my order was at very short notice. The product is great and works well for our application."

Barry Vicktor


"I had discussions with Enmach over the last 12 months about the supply and installation of a plastic silo. We decided on a 40m3 plastic silo. We found the service from Enmach very effective, no heavy sales pitch just good service with solid answers that we were comfortable with. Enmach was on time and on budget, they did what they said they would do. That to us is the best service. All went very well and our silo is operating well and looks great. We are using it for dry sand."


Fertiliser Silos FAQ’s

Is a Poly Fertiliser Silo able to store corrosive fertilisers?

Yes, our poly fertilizer silos suitable for storing many types of fertilizers, including those that are corrosive and may contain corrosive chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers or certain phosphate-based fertilizers. The corrosion resistance of polyethylene prevents the silo material from deteriorating or reacting with the corrosive components in the fertiliser. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the silo and ensures the quality of the stored fertiliser over time.

Does a Poly Fertiliser Silo have high maintance requirements?

Poly fertiliser silos are known for their relatively low maintenance requirements compared to some other types of storage solutions, such as steel or concrete silos. However, regular upkeep and attention to detail will help ensure the longevity and reliability of a poly fertiliser silo.

Can I customise my Poly Fertiliser Silo?

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution for your fertilizer, the adaptability of poly silos makes it a hassle-free choice for tailoring your storage to your exact requirements. If you require additional vents, access points, or specialized fittings we can offer you a very a wide range of possibilities.

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Enmach prides itself in manufacturing smart, inventive storage and feeding silo systems. Exceptionally durable to withstand the harsh nature of Australia’s outback conditions.

Poly Fertiliser silos are utilised by industry leaders in agricultural, industrial and farming sectors and in industrial manufacturing plants. Enmach fertiliser silos are used in a diverse range of applications around Australia such as storing primary products, transportation, water settlement and much more. The extraordinary durability and resilience of an Enmach Poly fertiliser silo places the products solidly in front of anything else currently available in the Australian market.

Polyethylene silos are a good storage choice for fertiliser due to several advantages they offer, making them a very practical option for agricultural and industrial applications:

-Corrosion Resistance: Polyethylene is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for storing fertilizers that may contain corrosive chemicals. Unlike metal silos, poly silos do not rust or deteriorate over time, ensuring the integrity of the storage structure.
-Chemical Resistance: Polyethylene is also resistant to many chemicals commonly found in fertilisers, which helps prevent chemical reactions between the container and the stored materials, maintaining the quality of the fertiliser.
-Durability: Polyethylene is a durable material that can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including exposure to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture. This durability ensures that poly silos have a long lifespan.
-Lower Maintenance: Poly silos generally require less maintenance than metal or concrete silos. They do not require painting or coating to protect against corrosion, and they are less susceptible to damage from environmental elements.
-Moisture Resistance: Many poly silos are designed to be moisture-resistant and airtight. This helps protect the stored fertiliser from moisture and humidity, which can lead to caking, clumping, and nutrient degradation.
-Pest Resistance: Polyethylene is not attractive to pests like rodents, which can be a problem in some storage systems. This can help preserve the quality of the fertiliser and reduce the risk of contamination.
-Customization: Poly silos can be customized in terms of size and configuration to meet specific storage requirements, offering flexibility in design to suit various fertiliser types and quantities.
-Environmental Considerations: Polyethylene is a recyclable material, which may appeal to those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, the lightweight nature of poly silos can lead to lower transportation emissions.
-Cost-Effective: Poly silos are often more cost-effective than metal or concrete alternatives, both in terms of the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

Installation of the Poly Fertiliser Silos:
Enmach fertiliser silos are delivered and installed on site in minimal time and with minimal fuss at any location in Australia. Our larger capacity silos are constructed onsite by our own experienced installation team.

Custom Designed Silos:
We offer clients a large range of different silo models however if you require something specific we can design to your needs. Our custom designs have catered to many diverse industries including, water clarification plants, gold mines, grain mills, schools.
Simply let our team know what you require and we will work closely with you to design the most suitable product for your needs. 

Feel secure knowing that your investments are well-protected with the long-lasting poly fertiliser silo storage solution.
Enmach poly fertiliser silos are manufactured in Bundaberg, QLD and are made with Australian materials by a family owned and operated company. Discover the poly advantage.

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