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Enmach delivers and installs the Poly Silo and Rainwater Tank product range around the South Australia region. No delivery is too hard with our committed professional installation team who have been working alongside customers like yourself for over 20+ years. Our silos can be stood up and bolted down to your pad in South Australia within minimal time and minimal fuss.

Queensland Region
Polyethylene (poly) grain silos are becoming an increasingly popular choice for grain storage in South Australia, a region known for its diverse agricultural landscape. These silos offer numerous benefits and advantages that make them well-suited for the local farming community.
1. Resistance to Harsh Climate: South Australia experiences a range of climatic conditions, from the hot and dry inland regions to the cooler and wetter coastal areas. Poly grain silos are designed to withstand these variations. They are resistant to UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and moisture, making them a durable option for long-term grain storage.
2. Customization for Varied Crops: South Australia’s agriculture is diverse, with a wide range of crops like wheat, barley, canola, and pulses being cultivated. Poly silos can be easily customized to suit the specific requirements of different crops, allowing farmers to store their grain efficiently and maintain its quality.
3. Corrosion-Resistant: South Australia’s coastal areas can have high salt content in the air, which can accelerate the corrosion of metal silos. Poly silos, however, are highly resistant to corrosion, providing a reliable storage solution that doesn’t degrade over time.
4. Cost-Effective: Farmers in South Australia often look for cost-effective storage options. Poly grain silos are usually more affordable than their steel or concrete counterparts, both in terms of initial purchase and long-term maintenance, which can be appealing for many agricultural businesses.
5. Easy Installation: The lightweight nature of poly silos makes them easy to transport and install, potentially reducing labor costs and installation time. This is beneficial for farmers looking to set up or expand their grain storage quickly.
6. Custom Sizing: South Australian farmers can find poly grain silos in various sizes to match their grain storage needs. This scalability allows them to optimize their storage capacity without overinvesting in a silo that’s too large.
7. Airtight and Moisture-Resistant: The airtight and moisture-resistant features of poly silos help maintain grain quality by protecting it from humidity and pests. This is especially important in regions where temperature and humidity variations can impact grain quality.
8. Environmental Considerations: As environmental awareness grows, polyethylene is a recyclable material. This aligns with the sustainability goals of many South Australian agricultural operations.
9. Adaptability to Local Regulations: South Australia may have specific regulations or guidelines for grain storage. Poly grain silos can be designed to meet these local requirements, ensuring compliance with relevant standards.
Overall, the use of poly grain silos in South Australia provides a practical and cost-effective solution for farmers looking to store their grains securely while maintaining grain quality in the face of the region’s diverse and sometimes challenging environmental conditions.
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