From design of the farm and building of the sheds, silos and feed systems to feeding and processing the stock, intensive farming practices have the need for quality engineered products that are purpose built to deliver superior serviceability and fit the requirements of modern farm’s that are planning for now and the future.


Leaders in today’s poultry growing industry need every benefit available to them to gain and retain a competitive edge.

The extraordinary durability and resilience of an Enmach poly silo places the product solidly in front of anything else currently available in the Australian market.

The team at Enmach have included in their range an innovative 60 Degree Cone Poly Silo that can be transported in kit form and easily assembled and installed on site in minimal time and with minimal fuss at any location in Australia.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unbeatable 1O Year Warranty and 20+ Year life span giving you the best return on assets of any poultry silo in the Australian market
  • Cutting edge dry goods storage for feed mash and pellets providing extremely high discharge flow rates
  • Polyethylene silos are self-insulating meaning the stored feed will be cooler and sweating issues are greatly reduced
  • High flow 60° cone meaning flow issues and holdups in silos are now a memory of the past
  • Polyethylene silo construction which is fully UV stabilised, impervious to everything, with a fully compounded colour that won’t fade, scratch or corrode
  • Uniquely designed reverse angle top cone section which facilitates feed flow
  • Open access frame which provides super-easy access to the outlet and to the auger attachment
  • Innovative modular system which is easily transported and assembled. A two man team can assemble a 47m3 silo in under 8 hours
  • Stainless steel knife gate and fully galvanised Australian made all gal steel frame meaning your silos will remain corrosion free
  • Options available include a 100mm blow tube delivery pipe and air vent, a cone outlet chute and feed system adaptable
  • Patent Pending


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