Stakka Bin

Enmach Stakka Bin

The Enmach Stakka Bin is the largest in their class at 1.75m³ and holding 1.3T wheat therefore ensuring they hold 1T of most products. The Stakka bin comes standard with extendable legs allowing for a 20L bucket under the outlet for easy decanting and feeding out. They have a strong easy to operate stainless steel outlet that won’t leak or buckle under pressure.

Stakka Bin

Why Choose Enmach…


"We recently purchased an Enmach Stakka Bin to store our Hygain broodmare feed. We researched various options out in the marketplace and found this product to be perfect for our studs needs. Very easy to use and totally mice proof. Other features include: extendable legs, integrated ladder, stackable, multi -purpose feed or fertilizer storage options just to name a few. Highly recommend the "Stakka Bin" to protect your feed!"


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"We found Enmach excellent to deal with. Service was prompt and efficient with good follow up especially as my order was at very short notice. The product is great and works well for our application."

Barry Vicktor


"I had discussions with Enmach over the last 12 months about the supply and installation of a plastic silo. We decided on a 40m3 plastic silo. We found the service from Enmach very effective, no heavy sales pitch just good service with solid answers that we were comfortable with. Enmach was on time and on budget, they did what they said they would do. That to us is the best service. All went very well and our silo is operating well and looks great. We are using it for dry sand."


Water Tanks FAQ’s

What is the poly rainwater tank lead time?

We keep all our rain tanks in stock of standard colours that are available for immediate pickup or delivery by the inhouse dedicated professional delivery drivers and committed contract carriers. There is also consignment stock on hand at a vast selection of dealers and outlets Australia wide. Contact Us to find out more.

What tank colours are available?

We manufacture rainwater tanks in all the colourbond colours. Match your tank you your shed, fence, house or garage with the full range of colourbond colours made in any water tank size you need. However, being there are so many colourbond colours we keep three most popular colours instock all the time we call them standard rainwater tank colours. Our three standard rain water tank colours are beige, mist green and heritage green.

What is the warranty?

We give you a 10 year warranty on the full rainwater tank range. We have been the same family owners for over 30 years and we wholeheartedly stand by our quality made products that are build tough and built to last.

This outlet is also water tight and won’t allow moisture to enter the bin.
Access ladder integrated into the frame allowing for easy access to the top of the bin. Stackable design allowing a bin to be stacked on top of the other even while full making them the perfect fit for storage when space is needed.
All built and rotomolded in house from start to finish in our family owned manufacturing plant in Bundaberg QLD ensuring quality control and production schedules are under control without the need to check with outside suppliers.
Full steel frame to increase the strength of the bin and also ensuring it is the most robust bin on the market, standing up to any conditions its put into.
It is fully protected and can withstand rough machinery and operation. Lockable stainless steel latches on the lid.
Fully customizable due to full in house control over production. Heavy-duty version option available to hold heavy materials such as heavy blended fertilisers, sands.
Can be customised to store liquid products with any side poly stubbed outlet welded into the silo to suit the customer.


Nominal Tonnage (W 820kg/m³)
Overall Height (mm)
Outlet Height (mm)
Cubic Capacity (m³)

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