Enmach Unleashes Innovation – Multi Trans

Enmach Unleashes Innovation – Multi Trans

In a world where adaptability and efficiency reign supreme, Enmach Industries proudly presents a revolutionary solution-the Transport Tank- Multi Trans. A versatile marvel designed for both liquid or dry goods storage and transport, this innovative product is available in two sizes, bringing a new era of convenience and flexibility to your storage needs.

Two Sizes, Endless Possibilities

With the Transport Tank – Multi Trans, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer two carefully curated sizes for both liquid and dry storage, a 20’ unit that consists of two separate 7000L tanks and a 10’ unit that consists of one 7000L tank.

Compact Efficiency for Liquid and Dry Goods

Our compact-sized Multi Trans is the go-to choose for those seeking a nimble and versatile storage solution. Perfect for smaller quantities of liquids or dry goods, this size ensures you have the flexibility to adapt to varying storage needs without compromising Enmach commitment to quality.

Spacious Powerhouse for Bulk Storage

For those with larger storage demands, our spacious option delivers unparalleled capacity without sacrificing the robust construction and durability that Enmach is known for. Safely store significant quantities of liquids or dry goods with ease and peace of mind.

Perfect Pairing for Complete Storage Solutions

Picture this: the compact Multi Trans unit complementing the spacious one, creating a dynamic duo that meets all your storage requirements. The possibilities are endless, offering a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Enmach Unleashes Innovation

On the Go Convenience

Container Truck- Friendly Design

Envision effortless transportation with the transport Tank-Multi Trans. Its ingeniously designed structure allows it to attach to worldwide standard 20’ shipping container lock pins making it a portable and convenient storage solution that can be easily transported wherever your operations take you.

Ease of Handling

The Multi Trans is engineered with user convenience in mind. Loading and unloading are seamless processes, ensuring that you can set up your storage solutions quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

Ready to revolutionize your liquid or dry storage transport game? The Transport Tank- Multi Trans by Enmach Industries, available in two sizes for both liquid or dry storage, is the epitome of adaptability and convenience. Imagine the possibilities, explore the versatility, and embrace a new era in storage solutions. Visit https://enmach.com.au/transport-tank-multi-trans/  and discover how the Multi Trans can elevate your storage experience, wherever your journey takes you.

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