Grain Storage:

Managing grain quality with silos

Bulk grain storage on farms for seed, livestock feed or for preservation purposes is a huge investment. When investing into this buyers should have peace of mind knowing their assets are secure. In Australia silos are the most common method of storing grain, nationally constituting 79% of all on-farm grain storage facilities. Grain silo storage systems come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet farm requirements. Careful planning is needed to optimise on-farm grain storage to its maximum potential. With the Enmach poly grain silos we can custom design your silo to suit exactly what you need.

Did you know every year millions of tons of grain losses are caused due to improper storage conditions? Protecting the grain from insect attack, infestations of weevils, moisture levels, heat and humidity are just some of the hurdles that come with storing grain. With the Enmach poly silos we can ensure you we have this covered. Enmach has reinvented and redesigned products made from traditional materials and manufactures them from materials such as polyethylene and stainless-steel to extend lifespan and durability. Poly grain silos are made from UV stabilised virgin food-grade polyethylene. As opposed to a steel grain silo, poly silos produce minimal sweating and are fully weather sealed. Moreover, steel silos don’t offer the flexibility of a poly silo. Enmach poly silos are easy to clean, do not corrode and are ideal for all types of product weather wet or dry.

The value of the grain is preserved when the grain is protected from moisture. Cereals in store are a community of living organisms made up of the grain itself, insects, mites, bacteria and fungi. Most of these living organisms remain in a suspended state or at a low level of activity while the grain stays dry and cool. However, if the grain reaches moisture levels higher than the recommended 12% these organisms become active. Bacteria invade the grain, fungal growth proliferates, insects and mites breed more rapidly and produce even more water, all of which ruin your investment.

So proper grain storage practices are among the most important elements in the preservation of grain. Enmach is here to assist you with your grain silo storage needs. Contact us on 1800 502 267.


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