Molasses Storage:

Bulk Onsite Molasses Storage

Over many years producer experience and scientific research have shown that molasses and high-energy liquid feeds have proven to have a significant role to play in beef production. Molasses is very popular for drought feeding as well as an important ingredient in many feedlot rations.

Molasses products generally have a three month “best before” shelf life.  An important consideration is if they are mineralised because the mineral will degrade. When it comes to storing molasses, it is important that it is stored in a cool, dry location. Make sure the molasses is stored out of direct sunlight. The Enmach poly liquid silo is designed and engineered to meet the unique needs of molasses storage. Ranging from 6 tonne to 50 tonne we have the liquid silo to suit your molasses storage needs. The Enmach Molasses Silo can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Speak to our experienced team today about the poly liquid silo and find out why it is the best molasses storage solution.

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