Mouse Plague Alert!

Protect Your Feed!

A “carpet” of mice has blanketed parts of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, with farmers and townspeople working strenuously to keep the rodents at bay.  Be quick, protect your feed today with the Enmach Stakka Bin, fully mice and rodent proof. As you would know, mouse can cause considerable damage to crops, grain storage, intensive livestock operations, buildings and machinery. 

The mouse plague started 10 months ago and farmers say there is no end in sight. As you may be aware the mouse plague has been caused by a “perfect storm” of optimal weather conditions for breeding and the end of the 2017 to 2019 drought. The mice first appeared in the spring of 2020 when farmers were harvesting a bumper crop. There was plenty of grain in the paddocks and in storage for the mice to eat, as well as fewer predators, which died during the drought.

Storing Grain in bulka bags is no longer an option the loss is too great. Have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected with Enmach Poly Silos. The poly stakka bin is mouse, rat and rodent proof. Keep those pests at bay with the Enmach stakka bin.  

What our customers have to say; 

“We recently purchased an Enmach Stakka Bin to store our Hygain broodmare feed. We researched various options out in the marketplace and found this product to be perfect for our studs needs. Very easy to use and totally mice proof. Other features include: extendable legs, integrated ladder, stackable, multi -purpose feed or fertilizer storage options just to name a few. Highly recommend the “Stakka Bin” to protect your feed!”

Amanda – Texas Star Performance Horses



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