Sant Clair – Site Dewatering System

Client Background

Our client had a requirement of a site dewatering system in view of further excavation. The site water had a high iron content which needed removal in the dewatering process. High records of rain have placed the existing lamellas clarifiers under further operational stress to keep the site compliant and operating to the final timelines.

Sludge Dewatering System

Project Requirement

The existing system needed further clarification on the sludge discharged from the lamella plate clarifiers to reduce the site sludge loading and maintaining accessible sludge removal for the best performance on the lamella clarifiers.

Solution Provided

Enmach provided a clarification tank that fitted within the site footprint and not only helped to clarify the sludge but further contained high volumes of iron sludge for pump truck removal.

Scope of Work

To design and build a clarifier and with an internal pipe settlement system to maximize clarification results and raise site efficiency.

Product design

On receiving the flow rates and viscosity of the sludge removal, one of our 35m3/ 35,000L Poly cone bottom tanks was configured with an internal settling system. This included a diffuser head to create a settling pattern for maximum results and a custom skimmer box head on the outlet for the best results on the discharge liquid.


The Enmach Sales, Engineering, and CAD teams came together to collaborate and design the internal clarifier system to ensure top performance and results were achieved using the Enmach Poly cone bottom tank and engineered support frame which are well-known in the industry for their heavy-duty and durable structure to stand the test of time.

Product manufacture

The Poly cone bottom tank was rotomolded and the support frame fabricated and assembled in our factory and then coordinated with the site team and customer for the final product to be delivered onsite within the 48 hour deadline.


The Enmach delivery and site team scoped out the needed site access and crane operating procedures to make sure the delivery requirements were met for the customer.


The Enmach clarifier was placed onsite for further installation once the groundwork and footings are complete.


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