EARP Distilling Project – Barley Storage

Client Background

Earp distilling is a 100% family-owned ultra-modern distillery in the beautiful portside city of Newcastle. At Earp they have a vision to demystify the world of Spirits and create next generation spirits. They believe in the ‘next’ and the ‘now’ and by harnessing new distillation technology and state-of-the-art equipment, they are able to take a holistic approach to the craft. They do things at Earp, they questioned the norms of distilling and built a state of the art next generation distillery, fully stainless steel it is built to outlast its copper counterparts by decades. They produce a range of unique spirits that highlight a range of botanicals to create new and one of their kind flavour experiences a next level flavour journey.

Project Requirement

Enmach was approached by the Head Distiller, looking for a food grade storage solution to store malted barley. They required a silo to hold enough barley for their distilling process and enough room under the silo outlet to easily access with their grain milling machine. The silo needed to be easy to use, easy to clean and easily filled via blow delivery. The silo also had to be corrosion resistant due to their proximity to the salty sea breeze.

Solution Provided

The team at Enmach worked with the head distiller to provide a Poly 35m3 silo to store the malted barley. The silo had an outlet height of 1800mm and enough to room to easily accommodate the grain mill. The silo is food grade and is corrosion resistant and will stand to last alongside Earp’s next level stainless steel distilling equipment.

Scope of Work

  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation


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