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    We Stock and Supply Silos in Australia for Multiple Uses

    Several industries use silos in Australia to store essential substances. The type of silo you acquire for your industry depends on various external factors. To maximise their operation, you must select the appropriate silo that suits your requirements. Storage silos are the most common type that the agriculture and industrial sectors employ. Usually, you’d use it to store grain, animal feed, crops and other materials for your operation. Enmach is an Australian silos manufacturer, and our products can withstand the harsh conditions associated with most parts of our land, including the Outback.

    Benefits of Using Poly Silos

    Otherwise referred to as polyethylene silos, we produced these silos to be extraordinarily durable and increase the efficiency of any operation. There is a vast difference between these silos and the traditional steel options. Since modern farms are preparing for the future in terms of storing essential materials long-term, the silo must withstand the outside elements.

    • Poly silos have revolutionised the agricultural industry by reducing, and in some cases, eliminating sweating in silos. Since the material’s thickness is approximately 10 to 30mm more than steel, it helps to keep the contents cool during a hot day. As a result, when it’s cooler in the evening, the temperature change is slow, which allows heat to dissipate moderately and reduce sweating. Furthermore, steel silos would suffer long-term damage as the condensation turns into rust and commences the process of deterioration.
    • Transporting silos can be tricky; however, it’s not a problem with this type of silos design. The material is lightweight, so you don’t require much effort to transport it from one place to another. It’s easy to manoeuvre, and the installation process is relatively straightforward.
    • The cost of stainless-steel silos far outweighs the polyethylene version. When you consider the longevity of these materials and the years of service they offer, the poly silo is the cost-effective option. The initial cost is remarkably lower, and you decrease the risk of spoiling the contents through sweating.

    Additionally, because of the pure weight of steel silos, they need a heavy-duty stand which increases your initial investment costs.

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    Things to Consider When Acquiring Urea Storage Silos

    The general increase in the global population demands a surge in the production of food. As such, farmers around the world take on the responsibility of supplying crops for the ever-growing population. Farmers have to decrease their operating costs and focus on boosting their profitability. One solution to this is storing fertiliser in a secure facility, and that’s precisely why farmers buy silos. However, there are several points to consider before making your final decision.

    • Before selecting the ideal storage system, you must evaluate the physical location of the silo. Where, on your property, will the silo stand that is easily accessible for loading and unloading? Additionally, wherever the location of the silo is on your property, it can’t affect other daily operations.
    • Storage is a crucial aspect of any industry. Whether you’re using the silo to store grains, crops or fertiliser, the quality of the silo dictates the longevity of its contents. Investing in proper storage facilities ensures that you protect the fruit of your labour for decades. Inspect the material of the silo to determine if it’s durable enough to withstand the rough external conditions.
    • Before deciding on a silo, you must evaluate the size of the load you expect it to carry. If you’re primarily using the silo to store grain, then you must assess the productivity of the farm to determine which silo is the ideal solution. You don’t have to calculate your future harvests as it is possible to increase the capacity of a silo with the addition of rings.


    What Sets Enmach Apart Regarding a Poly Rainwater Tank

    Whether you’re in the market for large silos or small storage silos, we have a solution for you. We manufacture our silos locally and have focused on developing products to be more durable and last over 20 years. We have the most extensive range of poly silos anywhere in the world and remain committed to creating and installing silos that pass our cyclonic wind and load tests.

    • Quality is at the centre of our business. As the only independently F.E.A Engineered Australian manufacturer of poly silos, we guarantee high-quality goods. If you can’t find the ideal option, our dedicated team will custom-build the silos to your specifications. We’ve assisted several industries such as water clarification plants, gold mines, grain mills and schools in building a silo to suit their niche. Our prices include both delivery and installation of the silo. Regardless of your location around Australia, we’ll set up your silos without fuss and in less time.
    • Water is a precious commodity in this age, especially since we can experience months of drought conditions. As such, most commercial, agricultural and residential properties should install a rainwater tank. We supply rainwater tanks for various applications and maintain our superior quality.
    • Our research and development team is always searching for modern methods to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, we’ve recognised the demand for silos to be dependable and permanent. Some of the materials we use are UV-stabilised polyethylene, galvanised and stainless steel from Australia. The polyethylene is BPA free which means it’s suitable for food and potable water storage.
    Queensland Fire Emergecy Service Bundaberg Enmach Silos and Rainwater Tanks Plastic Silo Australia Plastic Rainwater Tanks.

    About Enmach

    We are a proudly Australian-owned company that has been within the family for generations. Altogether, we’ve been serving industries throughout the country for over 30 years from our Bundaberg manufacturing site. We stock a wide range of poly silos with capacities of 1t to 50t that are available for immediate pick-up or delivery.

    We’re confident in the materials we use to build these poly silos and rainwater tanks. As such, we offer warranties that range from one year to 10 years. Contact us to determine the ideal silo solution for your operation.


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