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When it comes to buying new silos in Bundaberg, most farmers, transportation companies and other enterprises choose metal silos. Plain and simple, when most people think of a silo, they picture something made out of steel or some other metal—not because steel silos or metal silos are the best options, but just because they are the most widely used.

Poly Silos

Why You Should Choose Polyethylene for Your Silos in Bundaberg

When it comes to buying new silos in Bundaberg, most farmers, transportation companies and other enterprises choose metal silos. Plain and simple, when most people think of a silo, they picture something made out of steel or some other metal—not because steel silos or metal silos are the best options, but just because they are the most widely used. At Enmach, we believe we have a superior product to offer the marketplace. Our silos, made from UV stabilised virgin food-grade polyethylene, provide benefits that metal tanks and silos cannot rival.

The Benefits of Poly Silos in Bundaberg

Why should you consider choosing poly silos in Bundaberg? Candidly, the list of reasons is quite lengthy. Especially given the hot, brutal conditions that Australian businesses deal with on a day-to-day basis, poly silos can solve pain points that many in the agriculture, food processing, mining, water, and transportation logistics industries thought unsolvable. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of choosing our silos in Bundaberg:

  • They don’t sweat. One of the biggest challenges with metal silos is condensation. With changes in outdoor temperature and humidity, condensation can cause the sidewalls of the silo to ‘sweat.’ This condensation will be visible on the exterior of the silo but isn’t necessarily a problem there. What is a problem is that the moisture can transfer into the silo itself, causing whatever is stored there to get humid or wet itself. If the silo is being used to store dry goods—from animal feed to sugar to cement—this build-up of moisture can completely ruin the contents of the silo. Among our biggest draws, as a poly silo manufacturer in Bundaberg, is that our silos produce minimal sweating, thereby solving one of the most substantial problems of steel or metal silos.
  • They don’t corrode. Sweating silos and moisture damage to the silo contents aren’t the only issues posed by temperature/humidity shifts and the condensation they cause. On the contrary, over time, this condensation can also cause parts of the silo to rust or corrode, eventually leading to considerable damage and demanding the replacement of the silo. Since polyethylene is a thermoplastic instead of a metal, it won’t corrode due to moisture. Our silos are also fully weather-sealed, making them ready for any conditions that Australia’s tough weather can throw their way.
  • They last for decades. One of the reasons we have been able to make a name for ourselves as a silos manufacturer in Bundaberg—and one of the reasons that our clients have, overwhelmingly, become poly silo converts—is product longevity. Our silos are built to offer lifespans of 20 years or longer. Every one of our products comes covered by a warranty lasting from 1-10 years, but most of what we sell lasts much longer than that. If you are looking for a silo that will deliver a considerable ROI over a long period, we are the company to call.

What You Can Expect Regarding Enmach Silo Installations in Bundaberg

If you do choose Enmach as you go-to company to buy silos in Bundaberg, you can count on a top-notch customer experience that goes above and beyond the products themselves. Here are a few expectations we proudly invite you to bring to the table:

  • A wide variety of products. Whether you are shopping for small silos or large silos in Bundaberg, you’ll have no problem finding something to fit the bill. We offer a broad array of different poly silo designs, including pellet silos, multi feeders, fertiliser silos, stakka bins, grain/dry goods silos and liquid storage silos.
  • Customisation options. An advantage of our large range of silo models usually means that customers can find what they need just from our existing product inventory. However, if you are looking for something specific and can’t find the product that perfectly suits, talk to us about custom silos design in Bundaberg. We can tweak one of our designs to suit the sizing you need, or craft something from scratch to meet a unique need. Our staff is happy to work with you closely to reach the best outcome possible.
  • Prompt delivery and installation. We aren’t just silo designers or silo builders. On the contrary, we also offer silo installations in Bundaberg for clients who purchase our silos. We deliver and install Enmach silos throughout Australia, with our large project range typically allowing for minimal wait times between order and delivery/installation. For larger capacity silos, we construct the unit in full onsite, always sending an experienced and reliable installation team to do the work. The turnkey nature of our services—from design to purchase to delivery to installation—makes us a simple, seamless solution for businesses that need an effective silo setup now.

You can also find our products for sale on a consignment basis at a vast selection of dealers and outlets throughout Australia.

How to Customise Your Order for Silos in Bundaberg

As we mentioned above, we maintain a large stock of silos for purchase at any given time but are happy to function as your silo builder in Bundaberg if you require a custom design. While we will work with you closely throughout the design process to make sure we are creating something that matches your desired concept and specifications, here are a few tips to help you with the design process:

  • Know what type of silo you need. Consider our silo types (see above) to determine which category best matches your requirements. For instance, if you are in the market for urea storage silos in Bundaberg, your best bet is our dry good silo style, which can be used for storing urea, seed, wheat, fertiliser and more. For storing water, liquid fertiliser, molasses, or other liquids, consider our liquid silo designs.
  • Specify your required capacity. We can typically offer our silos with capacities of up to 50 tonnes—though small storage silos in Bundaberg are also, of course, available. Check the product pages on our website for more information about size variations, available capacities, and other more granular product specifications.
  • Use one of our calculators. On our poly silos page, you will find a pair of calculators aimed at helping you determine the necessary specifications for your silo. The first is a poly silo calculator you can use to determine target silo volume. The second is an auger calculator that can help you choose the ideal auger length based on silo height.

Why Trust Enmach as Your Silo Builder in Bundaberg?

Many of the silo manufacturers in Australia are big corporations. Still, Enmach is different: we are a small but dedicated family-owned business with a 30-year track record, solid growth, and a burgeoning reputation for superior quality products. If you are tired of your steel silos corroding away or ruining your product due to excess interior condensation, we can deliver a more reliable and all-around better solution. Whether you are storing dry goods or liquid—whether your operation is agricultural, mining, or something else—our silos are the better solutions. To learn more about our silos in Bundaberg, or to start the ordering process, contact us today.


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