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    Polyethylene Silos in the Gold Coast that Withstand Australia’s Climate

    Silos make excellent bulk storage devices as they take up less space than horizontal containers due to their vertical construction, this allows you to store more products in an area, a great advantage if you have limited space. They keep wet and dry products in optimal conditions. When looking for silos in the Gold Coast, you can end your search at Enmach. We are the silos manufacturer in Gold Coast that have a silo for every agricultural, farming, and industrial need. If you cannot find what you need from our extensive range, we will custom make a silo to match your requirements.

    Benefits of Poly Silos in Gold Coast

    At Enmach, we have revamped several products that are usually made from steel, aluminium, and fibreglass and make them from polyethylene. Some of the products are silos, agricultural products such as livestock watering and feeding accessories, storage tanks, lawn care equipment, and RV products. Our polyethylene products are strong, lightweight, corrosion-free, and have compounded colour that won’t fade or scratch off. Our poly products’ UV protection rating is one of the world’s best.

    • The qualities of polyethylene make our silo systems durable to the harsh climatic conditions of the outback. With a 20 year or longer lifespan, you can be sure that your poly silo will be an investment.
    • Poly silos produce minimal sweating and are fully weather-sealed, unlike steel silos, keeping your stored products from rotting or fermenting.
    • They are easy to clean, non-corrosive, and suitable for storing both wet and dry products.

    What Sets Enmach Apart Regarding Large Storage Silos in the Gold Coast

    We offer an extensive range of poly silo models that vary in size and storage use. We can tailor-make a poly silo for you should none from our range meet your requirements. Our poly silos are not limited to storing grain or other primary products; you can also use them for transportation and water settlement, for example. Not only have we supplied our bespoke designs to the agricultural sector, but many other industries, including water purification plants, grain mills, gold mines, and even schools.

    • Being a silo builder in the Gold Coast area allows us to solve the challenge of transporting our large silos to sites. We provide an experienced installation team to construct all our large capacity silos on-site.
    • We deliver all our silos, and as a silo installer in Gold Coast, include installation as part of our service. Our experienced team will have your new poly silo installed in minimal time with minimum fuss.
    • We don’t limit supply and delivery to the Gold Coast area but deliver Australia wide. So, whether you need large, custom made or small storage silos in Gold Coast, over the Blue Mountains or in South Australia through the Barossa Valley, we’re the supplier for you.


    Related Services We Provide to Urea Storage Silos in Gold Coast

    Our poly silo range includes storage for wheat and grain, feed and pellets, fertiliser and liquid, and we also provide poly Stakka Bins. Since polyethylene is so durable, lightweight, strong, and doesn’t corrode, we have used it to engineer and manufacture other products usually made from steel, aluminium, and fibreglass. The UV protection and compounded colouring won’t fade or scratch, ensuring a lifespan of 20 years or longer. Our other products include Enmach storage tanks, agricultural and livestock handling accessories, off-road tanks, and lawn care products.

    • Our storage tank range includes rainwater-, transport-, and molasses tanks. Our tanks come complete with all the required accessories such as a mosquito-proof stainless steel strainer over the inlet, a light cover to stop algae growth, an overflow kit, and brass ball valve. We also make and supply UV stabilised pump covers in colours to match the tank and joiner kits. We can customise fittings including for fire-fighting storage tanks. You can use our water storage tanks for agricultural, commercial, and residential water storage. We are one of the leading suppliers of rainwater storage tanks in Australia, supplying across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.
    • We offer a wide range of high-quality livestock troughs, accessories, and feeders that we manufacture to withstand Australia’s harsh environment and your livestock. They are made from UV stabilised polyethylene so they won’t disintegrate, allowing them to contain all types of feed. Our designs keep livestock’s feed and supplement fresher and safe from the elements. Our feeders are suitable for goats, cattle, pigs, sheep, and other farm animals.
    • Like our other products, our lawn care products and accessories are also made from UV stabilised polyethylene, ensuring that you acquire a durable product that will last many years. In this range, you will find poly karts, sprayers, sun covers, lawn rollers, and storage options.

    What You Stand to Gain When You Use Enmach

    When you buy any of our UV stabilised polyethylene products, know that you are getting a high-quality, durable product that can withstand harsh environments and will not crumble or fade. Our silos can store dry or liquid products, and protect the contents from the elements, preventing rot or fermentation. At the same time, agricultural solutions will keep your livestock’s feed and supplements fresher for longer.

    All our products come with a warranty that you can register on our website. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about how we can improve storage solutions for you with our poly products.

    Contact us to find out more or to buy silos in the Gold Coast and other regions in Australia.


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