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The harsh Australian climate can harm the equipment you use for various outdoor activities and occupations. Enmach has reinvented the traditional steel storage silos and tanks to extend their lifecycle by manufacturing them from more durable and hard-wearing materials.

Poly Silos

Durable and Affordable Polyethylene Silos Across Sunshine Coast

The harsh Australian climate can harm the equipment you use for various outdoor activities and occupations. Enmach has reinvented the traditional steel storage silos and tanks to extend their lifecycle by manufacturing them from more durable and hard-wearing materials. Polyethylene is highly versatile and easily customisable, which makes it an economical material to manufacture high quality silos. If you are looking for long-lasting silos around Sunshine Coast, we have a wide range to suit multiple industries and their applications.

Related Services We Provide to Urea Storage Silos Throughout Sunshine Coast

In a bid to offer a complete solution for storage tanks, silos and agricultural products, we have included a complete range of high quality polyethylene products that are durable and long-lasting.

  • Agri products. In addition to our polyethylene silos, we supply related products for use in agriculture. Our watering and feeding troughs are tough and lightweight and ensure a constant supply of fresh water or food for your livestock. Their robust nature is corrosion-resistant and designed for heavy-duty use. The range of optional accessories aims to make your farming routine more convenient.
  • Storage tanks. Our storage tanks and accessories are suitable for residential, commercial and agricultural use. We manufacture these tanks from a single mould, ensuring no weak spots. They are heavier and more robust than their steel counterparts and require no support structure, allowing them to be free-standing units.
  • Lawn Care. These products are used for a variety of applications in pasture maintenance and are available in different sizes to suit your requirements. Our team can offer advice on the set-up best suited for your application and provide instructions on how to get the most efficiency from them.
  • RV products. If you are looking to explore the Australian Outback, our RV and 4 x 4 accessories can make your trail a bit more fulfilling and exciting. Equipping your vehicle with a few luxuries can enhance protection and help you get out of a sticky situation, all while keeping your vehicle occupants safe.

Benefits of Poly Silos in Sunshine Coast

A silo is an asset to many industries, and one that is durable and long-lasting will add to your company’s overall efficiency and long-term profitability.

  • Our range of silos is lightweight, which makes them mobile and easy to transport if you need to move them. They are easily mounted on either a low or a high structure, depending on your requirements. Our silos are fully weather-sealed and have a UV protection rating, providing long-term protection from these two most common forms of degradation.
  • The unbeatable durability of polyethylene silos offers a durable storage option for a wide range of solids and liquids. Our products carry a twenty year-plus life span and come with a ten-year warranty. We have an expansive range of silos; however, if you require something specific, we can design to your needs. Our silos are available in a wide range of colours to blend into your existing exterior features. Polyethylene is easily recyclable at the end of its life, adding an eco-friendly benefit to the silos.
  • Sweating within the silo is significantly reduced as the insulation properties of polyethylene keep the contents cooler, resulting in less moisture. This feature eliminates problems caused by condensation and rust on the traditional steel silos, enhancing the silo’s life span while keeping its contents safe.
  • Poly silos are thicker than steel, enabling the grains to keep cooler during the day. As the temperatures drop at night, the change is more gradual compared to steel structures. A polyethylene container can insulate its contents more effectively, and retain a constant temperature throughout changing external conditions.


What You Can Expect from Enmach as a Silo Builder in Sunshine Coast

Our personal customer service and highly skilled team can offer advice on our products, and get your job done successfully and timeously.

  • We are the sole Australian polyethylene silos manufacturer in Sunshine Coast which enables us to offer quick turnaround time on orders. We stock a wide range of products and can deliver on short lead-times for non-stock items. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can custom make a storage tank or silo to suit your requirements.
  • As a silo installer on the Sunshine Coast, we offer free delivery and installation on site. This service is just part of the exceptional customer experience that you can expect from us. Our skilled team will install your silo quickly, causing minimal disruption to your site. Our quotes contain no hidden costs, and our communication is transparent with our clients on each unique project.
  • We offer silos of varying sizes that can cater to residential and industrial requirements. Our knowledgeable team can guide you in the right direction to equip you with the perfect product for your application. Our offerings include large and small storage silos in Sunshine Coast, each with their range of optional accessories to simplify your requirements.
  • Although we focus on large silos across Sunshine Coast, we service Australia wide. This range ensures that we can help as many industries as possible with our revolutionary product, helping you save money in the long run, and giving you access to a premium and durable product.

About Enmach

We are a proudly Australian-owned family business. We manufacture poly silos in Bundaberg but we service Australia wide. Our thirty years’ industry experience has enabled our research and development team to engineer a longer-lasting and more durable range of products for both residential and commercial use. Our products are made using high quality, virgin polymer polyethylene that is suitable to store food and water and are backed by a ten year warranty.

If you are looking to buy silos around Sunshine Coast, contact us today.


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