In the world of storage solutions, versatility and durability are key. Whether you’re managing agricultural supplies, storing coffee beans, or handling distillery materials, having a reliable container that can adapt to various needs is essential. That’s where Stakka Bin from Enmach comes in- a multipurpose bin that goes above and beyond your average storage solution. In this blog, we’ll explore how Stakka Bin is the smarter choice for storing fertilisers, feed, coffee beans, and distillery materials, offering unmatched versatility and functionality.

Versatility of the Stakka Bin for Every Application

The Stakka Bin is designed to excel in a variety of storage scenarios, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications:


Storing fertilisers requires a container that can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, corrosive minerals and harsh environmental conditions. The Stakka Bin is made of polyethylene and given its non-polar nature this means the bin has a exceptionally strong, chemical-resistant build. Its durable construction will promise a life-time of usage especially in the fertilizer industry. It is the perfect solution for storing fertilisers and will give you peace of mind knowing your fertiliser is stored safely and securely. And will ensure they remain viable for use when needed.


Whether you’re managing feed for livestock, poultry, or pets, the Stakka Bin provides a hygienic and organized storage solution. Its robust design will protect your feed from contamination and pests, keeping it fresh and nutritious for your livestock. Their stackable design allows you to be able to stack it on top of another Stakka Bin and take up less floor space in your factory or shed.

Coffee Beans

We understand that preserving the freshness of green coffee beans is paramount for producing high-quality roasted coffee. Stakka Bin’s light-blocking design creates an optimal storage environment, protecting your green coffee beans from oxidation, moisture and degradation.

Distillery Materials

From grains and hops to fermentation supplies and equipment, distilleries require reliable storage solutions to maintain the integrity of their ingredients and products. Stakka Bin’s construction and customizable design make it the perfect choice for storing distillery materials such as malt, barley and molasses just to list a few. The Stakka Bin is specially designed to ensure your ingredients remain safe, organized, and accessible throughout the production process.

Smart Features for Enhanced Functionality

In addition to its versatility, Stakka Bin is equipped with a range of smart features that make storage more efficient and convenient:

  • Stackable
  • Extendable legs
  • Integrated ladder
  • Full gal steel frame
  • 40 deg and discharge angles
  • 75m3/1.3 tonne capacity
  • UV stablised polyethylene bin
  • Australian made from Australian products.

When it comes to storing fertilisers, feed, coffee beans, and distillery materials, Stakka Bin from Enmach offers a smarter, more versatile solution that meets the diverse needs of modern industries. With its durable construction, customisable design, and smart features, Stakka Bin empowers users to take control of their storage needs, ensuring that materials remain safe, organized, and accessible whenever they’re needed. Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to a smarter storage solution with Stakka Bin from Enmach.

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