Stakka Bin


"We found Enmach excellent to deal with. Service was prompt and efficient with good follow up especially as my order was at very short notice. The product is great and works well for our application."

Barry Vicktor

"I had discussions with Enmach over the last 12 months about the supply and installation of a plastic silo. We decided on a 40m3 plastic silo. We found the service from Enmach very effective, no heavy sales pitch just good service with solid answers that we were comfortable with. Enmach was on time and on budget, they did what they said they would do. That to us is the best service. All went very well and our silo is operating well and looks great. We are using it for dry sand."


Enmach poly products are lighter than the steel products they replace, have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, resist rust and have compounded colour that will not fade or scratch off.
Ultimately, Enmach has created the poly advantage – unbeatable durability.
The company has been in operation for 30 years and offers a range of silos in capacities from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes or 1.75m3 to 60m3.
The silos are suitable for bulk storage of a variety of products and can be used in any industry, from mining to farming, water clarification to breweries, fertiliser to coffee bean storage.

The range starts with the industry leading Stakka Bin.
The innovative Stakka Bins are the biggest in their class at 1.75m3 which will store around 1.3 ton of wheat and fertiliser.
They have a full galvanised steel frame with extendable legs, an integrated ladder as standard and a stainless-steel knife gate that will not buckle when the bin is full.
There are two heavy duty forklift pockets at the base of the unit complete with a safety chain and a fully removable lid.
The small hopper bin has a v shaped container to hold grain, coat, seeds, fertiliser, etc.


Nominal Tonnage (W 820kg/m³)
Overall Height (mm)
Outlet Height (mm)
Cubic Capacity (m³)

Product Name