Agri Products

Are you looking for a better solution to your grain, fertiliser, molasses and dry goods storage? Look no further…
We all know the harsh Australian climate can have a devastating impact on the equipment we use to maintain our outdoor occupation and lifestyle.
Enmach has used polyethylene to reinvent products usually made of materials such as steel, aluminium and fibreglass to extend the life of everyday items.
Enmach’s poly products are strong, lightweight and have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, have compounded colour that won’t fade or scratch off and are corrosion free.
Enmach has a growing range of Agri Products from poly silos and rainwater tanks to water and feed troughs, hay racks and much more.

Why Choose Enmach…


"We found Enmach excellent to deal with. Service was prompt and efficient with good follow up especially as my order was at very short notice. The product is great and works well for our application."

Barry Vicktor


"I had discussions with Enmach over the last 12 months about the supply and installation of a plastic silo. We decided on a 40m3 plastic silo. We found the service from Enmach very effective, no heavy sales pitch just good service with solid answers that we were comfortable with. Enmach was on time and on budget, they did what they said they would do. That to us is the best service. All went very well and our silo is operating well and looks great. We are using it for dry sand."



"It was quick and easy to purchase my Poly Silo, as the team organised prompt delivery and gave me the necessary information about installation.  I have saved a lot of money and time using the Poly Silo instead of bags of feed."

Larry Daniels


"Enmach were very good to deal with – it was all done over the phone, nothing was a problem. They delivered the silo directly to my slab stood it up and I have just filled it with its first load of grain. Works a charm."

Rodney James


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