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    Water Tanks Bundaberg

    Our Water Tanks from Bundaberg are of Superior Quality

    With climate change creating unpredictable weather patterns, it’s difficult to plan for the future. There is a serious possibility of drought setting in for long periods which amplifies the water problem. One solution is water tanks in Bundaberg. Acquiring one from Enmach is a simple process, so you too can help conserve the water that’s currently available.

    Benefits of Installing Rainwater Tanks in Bundaberg

    The Australian climate is unforgiving, and whether you live in a rural or urban area, you require a steady supply of water to survive. Rainwater tanks collect water in the rainy season which comes in handy during the dry, winter months.

    • Water restrictions can be annoying but are critical to ensure that people receive a regulated amount during droughts. Having a rainwater tank on your property means that you can still water your plants or enjoy your usual showers.
    • Water tanks can supply your household appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine with sufficient water to operate. Furthermore, you have access to water for other chores around the property, such as washing the windows and cleaning the house. Now you also won’t rely on your usual water supply which means you’ll save on your water bill.
    • Homeowners usually find it difficult to fit a poly rainwater tank in their yard. There are several options available in a variety of sizes and colours to match your property. Additionally, there are slim-line water tanks that can fit into any space and operate efficiently without being an eyesore.
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    Tips for Getting More Value from Your Poly Rainwater Tank in Bundaberg

    Australia is one of the driest countries in the world, and our water consumption is among the highest globally. Naturally, more people are gravitating toward some form of water collection to bring relief in drought conditions and during water restrictions.

    • The quality of the water isn’t much of a concern in households that use the water from the tanks for the toilet or washing machine; however, if you’re using it to shower or consume, you must consider the cleanliness of the water and conduct the relevant tests after six months.
    • Pumps and outlets of the rainwater tank are crucial to its efficiency. Inspect these every six months to safeguard the entire system and prevent it from breaking down.
    • According to Standards Australia, you should hire a professional contractor to completely de-sludge the tank and remove any sediment, every two to three years.

    According to a study, about 26 percent of the local population are enjoying the benefits of a rainwater tank. However, for the majority of owners, they forget about maintaining the tank to ensure it operates efficiently.

    About Enmach

    We are manufacturers and suppliers of poly rainwater tanks and silos and have been in the industry for over 30 years. Our Bundaberg plant hosts a team that conducts research and development to make the lives of Australians better. The materials we use in the manufacturing process are of high-quality, resulting in products that are superior and long-lasting.

    We always have our stock on-hand for immediate delivery and pick-up, and you should have no doubts when it comes to our products, especially with warranties ranging from one to 10 years. Contact us to find the appropriate solution for your property.


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