Cup and Saucer Tank


Cup and Saucer Tank



  • 5000 litre

  • Trough 2500mm diameter x 360mm high

  • Tank - 1950mm diameter x 1930mm high



  • 1" ball valves and fittings
  • 2" option available
  • Fitted with floating level indicator
  • 50mm drain for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for sheep, goats and cows
  • See below for additional features

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Part No. Litres Dimensions Colour Product Details  
PT5000CS 5000 Litres 2500mm diameter x 1930mm high Beige View Product Details
Litres 5000 Litres
Dimensions 2500mm diameter x 1930mm high
Colour Beige
Product Details View Product Details
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Cup and Saucer Tank Features

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  • Strong construction
  • 1″ ball valves and fittings
  • 2″ option available
  • UV stabilised polyethylene
  • Sweep out point in trough
  • Fitted with floating level indicator
  • 50mm drain for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for sheep, goats and cows
  • Bulk water storage at point of need
  • Can be configured for molasses feeding
  • Internal pipework, stock damage protection
  • Tank water level controlled by internal float valve
  • Trough water level controlled by covered float valve

The cup and saucer tank combines water storage with stock watering in one product.
You can have peace of mind knowing your stock has access to clean water reserves for several days. The tank protects the water and keeps your water cooler and cleaner. Having an automatic refill water supply prevents the trough from running dry even when under pressure from large herds of thirsty cattle on hot days.
The tank and trough combo is simple and lasting – no longer need for this problematic installations from the tank to the trough.
Perfect option for remote locations where watering reserves for livestock is crucial. Easily accessible for your livestock at all times.
Designed with a sweep out trough and a bung for easy cleaning.
Can be configured for molasses feeding.
The cup and saucer comes pre-plumbed with float valve with floating level indicator. Quick and easy checking of stock water. Very simple to install- hook up the water inlet and check the level indicator. Internal pipework for stock damage protection.
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Water Tanks FAQ’s

What is the poly rainwater tank lead time?

We keep all our rain tanks in stock of standard colours that are available for immediate pickup or delivery by the inhouse dedicated professional delivery drivers and committed contract carriers. There is also consignment stock on hand at a vast selection of dealers and outlets Australia wide. Contact Us to find out more.

What tank colours are available?

We manufacture rainwater tanks in all the colourbond colours. Match your tank you your shed, fence, house or garage with the full range of colourbond colours made in any water tank size you need. However, being there are so many colourbond colours we keep three most popular colours instock all the time we call them standard rainwater tank colours. Our three standard rain water tank colours are beige, mist green and heritage green.

What is the warranty?

We give you a 10 year warranty on the full rainwater tank range. We have been the same family owners for over 30 years and we wholeheartedly stand by our quality made products that are build tough and built to last.

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