Fertiliser Silo

Dry Goods Storage Silo

Fertiliser Silo

Dry Goods Storage Silo


  • 3000mm clearance frame

  • 3400mm diameter
  • 35m³ capacity

  • 28 tonne nominal capacity



  • Impervious polyethylene silo bin
  • UV stabilised
  • Food grade
  • No rust
  • Fully weather sealed
  • Gal steel frame
  • Suitable for a range of products - fertiliser, grain, feed, seed

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Part No. Cubic Capacity (m³) Nominal Tonnage (Wheat 820kg/m³) Diameter (mm) Overall Height (mm) Auger Length (m/') Outlet Height (mm) Product Details  
PSRS-35-IB 35 m³ 28 tonne 3400 mm 8900 mm 15 m / 50' 3000 mm
Cubic Capacity (m³) 35 m³
Nominal Tonnage (Wheat 820kg/m³) 28 tonne
Diameter (mm) 3400 mm
Overall Height (mm) 8900 mm
Auger Length (m/') 15 m / 50'
Outlet Height (mm) 3000 mm
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Fertiliser Silo Multi-purpose Features

For Fertiliser Silo Multi-purpose Contact our friendly staff today 1800 502 267.

  • Impervious polyethylene silo bin
  • UV stabilised
  • Food grade
  • No rust
  • Fully weather sealed
  • Cooler storage temperatures, sweating minimised
  • Gal steel frame
  • Truck access
  • Suitable for a range of products
    – fertiliser, grain, feed, seed
  • Hi-flow 45 degree cone
  • Remote opening lid
  • Manhole in base cone
  • Polycarbonate sight glasses
  • Stainless steel knife gate outlet with wind handle opening
  • Blow tube delivery option
  • 10 year warranty and 20+ year life span

Fertiliser Silos FAQ’s

Is a Poly Fertiliser Silo able to store corrosive fertilisers?

Yes, our poly fertilizer silos suitable for storing many types of fertilizers, including those that are corrosive and may contain corrosive chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers or certain phosphate-based fertilizers. The corrosion resistance of polyethylene prevents the silo material from deteriorating or reacting with the corrosive components in the fertiliser. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the silo and ensures the quality of the stored fertiliser over time.

Does a Poly Fertiliser Silo have high maintance requirements?

Poly fertiliser silos are known for their relatively low maintenance requirements compared to some other types of storage solutions, such as steel or concrete silos. However, regular upkeep and attention to detail will help ensure the longevity and reliability of a poly fertiliser silo.

Can I customise my Poly Fertiliser Silo?

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution for your fertilizer, the adaptability of poly silos makes it a hassle-free choice for tailoring your storage to your exact requirements. If you require additional vents, access points, or specialized fittings we can offer you a very a wide range of possibilities.

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Water Tanks FAQ’s

What is the poly rainwater tank lead time?

We keep all our rain tanks in stock of standard colours that are available for immediate pickup or delivery by the inhouse dedicated professional delivery drivers and committed contract carriers. There is also consignment stock on hand at a vast selection of dealers and outlets Australia wide. Contact Us to find out more.

What tank colours are available?

We manufacture rainwater tanks in all the colourbond colours. Match your tank you your shed, fence, house or garage with the full range of colourbond colours made in any water tank size you need. However, being there are so many colourbond colours we keep three most popular colours instock all the time we call them standard rainwater tank colours. Our three standard rain water tank colours are beige, mist green and heritage green.

What is the warranty?

We give you a 10 year warranty on the full rainwater tank range. We have been the same family owners for over 30 years and we wholeheartedly stand by our quality made products that are build tough and built to last.


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