Stakka Bin Accessories

Dry & Wet Storage Small Silo Hopper Bin

Stakka Bin Accessories

Dry & Wet Storage Small Silo Hopper Bin


  • Reap more benefits from your stakka silo bin with some additional accessories

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Part No. Description Product Details  
Auger Attachment Auger Attachment - PSFEILD
Bulka Bag Splitter Bulka Bag Splitter - PBS
Stakka Chute Kit Poly Stakka Chute Kit - PSCK
Auger Attachment  
Description Auger Attachment - PSFEILD
Product Details
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Bulka Bag Splitter  
Description Bulka Bag Splitter - PBS
Product Details
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Stakka Chute Kit  
Description Poly Stakka Chute Kit - PSCK
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Hopper Bin Accessories Features

For Hopper Bin Accessories Contact our friendly staff today 1800 502 267.

  • Stakka Bin – Smarter Than Your Average Bin
  • Stackable
  • Weatherproof
  • Extendable legs
  • Integrated ladder
  • Full gal steel frame
  • Liquid storage option
  • Translucent bin option available
  • Smooth internal surfaces
  • Polycarbonate sight glass
  • 40 deg + discharge angles
  • Fully enclosed forklift pockets
  • UV stabilised polyethylene bin
  • Bag splitter accessory available
  • Stainless “no buckle” outlet
  • Ideal for feeding out grain & pellets, bagging feed, storing the last of your seed & fertiliser.
  • Chute extension accessory available
  • Multi-purpose feed or fertiliser storage
  • 5″ x 3m electric auger attachment available
  • 2 lid options – full open top or 400mm dia lid
  • 10 year warranty and 20+ year life span
  • Ultimate hopper bin suitable for seed, pellets, coffee beans, urea, feed, salt, fertiliser, grain, molasses, cement …  
  • Built smart – will handle any situation

The Enmach Poly Stakka Bin is a fully customizable hopper bin due to full in house control over production. Heavy-duty version is an available option if your looking to hold heavy materials such as heavy blended fertilisers or sands. Can be customised to store liquid products with any side poly stubbed outlet welded into the silo to suit the customer. Below are a few more customisations you can make to your stakka bin, the options are endless;

  • An electric remote controlled actuator door to easily operate the bin from heights to fill seeders, spreaders and feeders with ease.
  • 3m x 5” 12v break away auger to easily transfer product from the Stakka bin. The auger is fitted with an Anderson plug so it can be run from most machinery or farm utes and trucks.
  • Customise the colour of the Stakka bins for corporate purposes to give businesses ownership and promotion in the product.
  • The direction of the forklift pockets can be turned 90 degrees to allow the bin to be picked up from the side.
  • Stakka can have extra sight glasses or height added to the frame to suit any special operations.
  • Can customise to become 1,750L liquid storage containers for storing liquid fertiliser, liquid feed and water clarification.

In addition, the enmach Hopper Bin is the best in Australia the Hopper Bin accessories are the most versatile ranger, therefore being the best in Australia. Moreover, Hopper Bin Accessories for your hopper bin, stakka bin.

Water Tanks FAQ’s

What is the poly rainwater tank lead time?

We keep all our rain tanks in stock of standard colours that are available for immediate pickup or delivery by the inhouse dedicated professional delivery drivers and committed contract carriers. There is also consignment stock on hand at a vast selection of dealers and outlets Australia wide. Contact Us to find out more.

What tank colours are available?

We manufacture rainwater tanks in all the colourbond colours. Match your tank you your shed, fence, house or garage with the full range of colourbond colours made in any water tank size you need. However, being there are so many colourbond colours we keep three most popular colours instock all the time we call them standard rainwater tank colours. Our three standard rain water tank colours are beige, mist green and heritage green.

What is the warranty?

We give you a 10 year warranty on the full rainwater tank range. We have been the same family owners for over 30 years and we wholeheartedly stand by our quality made products that are build tough and built to last.

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The Stakka Bin

Poly Silos

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